Syphilis (Infection) Treatment

Syphilis (Infection) Treatment in Delhi

A simple painless sore could be the start of a disease like Syphilis. This disease is sexually transmitted and detection and care at the right time could be the reason for the disease to be easily and fully cured. There are multiple specialized tests that need to be conducted for the proper detection of the disease. There might also be a need to conduct a cerebral spinal fluid test along with the normal blood test to understand the impact on the nervous system. Along with you, your sexual partners would need to be contacted, tested and treated if needed.

This kind of treatment requires very specialized care that is available at the Jannat Clinic. There is a separate team of specialized experts that know the number of doses of medication that would need to be administered for the complete treatment of the disease. Also after the treatment, there would be regular tests that would need to be conducted to avoid the reoccurrence of the disease.

Syphilis (Infection) Treatment in Delhi

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