Nocturnal Emission Treatment

Nocturnal Emission Treatment in Delhi

Nocturnal emissions are also known as wet dreams. This mainly indicates the premature ejaculation of semen. This premature ejaculation would mainly occur when the male is sleeping and having a sexual dream. Males at some point or the other face this stage and most of the times don't require any sort of treatment. Nocturnal emissions are a common problem or occurrence as far as adolescence is concerned or if the man is moving into his 20s. However, most of the times this problem stop once the male hits puberty.

The main reason for this being that once the sexual activity of the person increases, the nocturnal emissions reduce or stop altogether. However, if this is still a recurrent problem, the individual might want to seek medical attention. At the Jannat Clinic, we have been in the field of sexology for a long time and have the right kind of expertise to work and treat any problem that you face. Just take an appointment to speak to our team of experts and get the problem fixed through a combination of medication and counseling along with the right diet plan.

Nocturnal Emission Treatment in Delhi

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