Masturbation Addiction Treatment

Masturbation Addiction Treatment in Delhi

Masturbation is defined as the self-simulation of genitals as a method of attaining sexual pleasure. For people that engage in masturbation, can attain maximum sexual pleasure in the form of an orgasm. This is similar to the kind of sexual pleasure attainable during sexual intercourse. It's very important to understand that engaging in masturbation doesn't necessarily mean that the person is addicted to it. However, the long-term practice of masturbation could have negative effects on the mental as well as the physical health of the person.

It becomes very important that this addiction is curbed at the right time through the right treatments. At the Jannat Clinic, we have a team of highly trained sexologists that know the right counseling techniques of treatment that can be used to curb this problem. They know the right steps that need to be followed once the individual has accepted the problem.

Masturbation Addiction Treatment in Delhi

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