Pre / Post Marriage Sex Consultation

Pre / Post Marriage Sex Consultation in Delhi

The first night and the honeymoon are the most crucial and pivotal times during the beginning of the marriage. For most of the couples, this is the first time when it comes to having sexual intercourse and there are certain mental and physical restrictions that the couple might encounter. When the couples have sex for the first time, there might be slight pain that both might experience along with a bit of shyness. Here it becomes important for the couple to see the relevant information and counseling so that they can understand the kind of change and the possibilities that could occur during the first sexual intercourse.

As part of the marriage preparations, also make it a point to take an appointment at the Jannat Clinic so that our experienced counselors can prepare you for the path ahead. This kind of consultation is critical for the smooth sailing of the married life. 

Pre / Post Marriage Sex Consultation in Delhi

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